Hospitality House - 912 10th Street sign in front of house with bluebonnets around it

What is the Hospitality House?

The purpose of the Hospitality House ministry is to promote the public welfare and alleviate the hardships of the disadvantaged by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of families of prisoners incarcerated in the penal system of the state of Texas. These families are the “other victims of crime.” Simply put, the House offers a warm, friendly, and peaceful environment where families can relax and rest while visiting their incarcerated loved ones. Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about how to use our facility and other information such as our mileage requirement.

History of the Hospitality House

In 1986, the Texas Baptist Prisoner Family Ministry Foundation imagined a ministry that could address the critical issue of sheltering the families visiting their loved ones in the Texas penal system along with protecting the grieving families. In May of that same year, an army of 270 men and women volunteers led by Texas Baptist Men made that dream a reality. Beginning early on May 23rd and ending exactly twenty-four hours later on the 24th, the Hospitality House facility was erected, becoming the first House of its kind in Texas and the second within the whole United States. Just two blocks away from the red brick prison known as the “Walls,” our army of volunteers raised walls of their own that weekend. Walls to let in, instead of keep in. Three months later on August 16th, the House officially opened its doors and began providing warm beds, clean bathrooms, and well stocked kitchen facilities to all families in need during their endeavors to visit their imprisoned loved ones.

What programs do we offer?

Open Pantry Policy

School Supplies Handout

Christmas Toy Give-Away

Art Against the Odds: Children’s Art Therapy Program

What services do we offer?

Execution Orientation

Inmate Release Orientation

Overnight Lodging

Spiritual and Family Ministry