2019 Spring Plant Drive – Desperately need help due to the severe freezes this year!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring 2018 Plant Drive. We love the success of this drive and plan on keeping the momentum going by hosting another in the spring of 2019.

All of us here at the Hospitality House take pride in making sure the House looks the best it possibly can. We understand the power of a first impression and strive to ensure our guests have a positive experience from the moment they pull into the parking lot but looking good isn’t cheap.

We invite you to participate in our 2019 Spring Plant Drive. This fundraiser not only helps lower the costs the House usually absorbs during Spring re-planting but also ensures that our flower beds and Prayer Garden will continue to shine during the warm months.

Donations begin in March and will continue throughout Spring. Hours for accepting are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For more information, please call our office at 936-291-6196 and ask to speak to Rebecca or Debra.

2019 School Supplies Handout

Within the months of summer, the Hospitality House tries to further its efforts in stressing education to our House children by giving away backpacks full of school supplies to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming school year. Statistically, our House children are doomed to follow their parent’s footsteps if not shown a different path. Our hope is that through encouraging education to our kids that they will be able to overcome the negatives placed upon them and rise above to a higher future. With the help of this program, the Hospitality House empowers children to realize their potential to be a positive force in their communities.

We will begin seeking supplies for our 2019 summer handouts in May. Our hope is to have the program ready to begin by July but in order to keep the process going until the 2019 school year commences we will be continuing to collect all the way up until the middle of August. Please note the deadline for donations will be August 20th.

For more information on the items that are most needed, brands, or simply how to get involved, please contact the office at (936) 291-6196 or email Debra at director@thehospitalityhouse.org.